Should I take H3 Chemistry?

Since you’re already offered, why not? I mean…not everyone would be given the chance to take H3 Chemistry, so if you were offered, you’re probably one of the privileged few!

They chose you! (Out of everyone else!)

Okay… but if you were to look at it from a more practical point of view, you would wonder if it would really be worth your time. Taking H3 means that you’ll have to stay back in school for about another 2-3 hours each week to go through the H3 syllabus (not to mention the homework that you might be getting), and the extra tests and examinations that you will have to prepare for.

Well, your H3 grade won’t affect your rank points in any way. It’ll just be an “extra subject”. Most universities don’t really consider whether you take H3 or not in the primary stage of selection, unless you hope to enrol into a course which is subject-specific, like Chemistry itself, or if you would like to earn a scholarship. And if you do hope to apply to top universities overseas, H3 might give you an advantage in terms of being more knowledgeable, which would help you to differentiate yourself from the rest.

Let me stress, might.

In reality, there are many who took it and dropped it at the halfway mark. You could blame it on their lack of resilience and perseverance, or their inability to manage their time well, or their lack of IQ. But trust me, it isn’t really an easy journey (as you might have thought it was) until you’ve tried it for yourself. Be prepared to embrace Chemistry in a way that you haven’t before.

Curious to know what MOE’s syllabus for H3 is like? Click on the link below to find out!

On the other end of the spectrum, there are also those who have no regretted their decision of taking H3 Chemistry. These are the folks who have had such a keen interest in Chemistry since who knows when. These are the folks who are so determined to do well in H3 Chemistry not just because it would reflect nicely on their result slips at the end of the day…

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…but because their passion and love for Chemistry never dies, and they hope to learn whatever they can when given the opportunity to.

Nevertheless, if you are already struggling with H2s, you shouldn’t take it all the more. It’ll be akin to digging a hole for yourself and just jumping right in – suicide.

You’ll continue falling…to the point of no return

Would you rather want to flunk all your H2s and get a distinction for H3 all do well for all your H2s but not take H3 at all? If you’re wise and rational enough, you would know how to choose. However, if you are confident that you wouldn’t neglect other subjects after taking H3s, you can choose to take up the challenge brave soul!

It’s a big leap. Believe that you can, and you will.

Perhaps, taking H3 would even give your life a new purpose. You might learn to manage your time better since you are already pressed for time. You would be learning what most of your peers wouldn’t, and hence reinforcing certain concepts taught in H2 Chemistry. H3 Chemistry might help you with understanding concepts too since H2 Chemistry seems to be merely “scratching the surface of things”.

Ultimately, it depends on how much you are willing to sacrifice. H3 requires interest, dedication and good time management on your part. Afterall, taking an extra subject means less time for your core subjects, less time for entertainment and less time for outings with your family and friends. You’ll definitely need to make sacrifices. If you are willing, go ahead! If you are not, don’t.