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The O-level Mathematics is split into 2 levels. In Secondary 1 and 2, students will learn common mathematics topic such as numbers, algebra, geometry and statistics. Upon reaching Secondary 3, students will have the opportunity to explore Elementary Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. The picture below depicts the various topics an O-level student can expect to learn.

How challenging is Secondary School Mathematics?

Secondary school mathematics requires the students to delve into abstract topics such as algebra. Students are also increasingly challenged to reason and view concepts from various perspectives, such as from the surface area of 2D pictures to 3D solids. This difficulty takes larger leap in upper secondary, with increasingly abstract concepts such as calculus and trigonometry. These abstract concepts are extremely challenging, as most students are unable to see it beyond anything but applying formulas to equations.

Should I pursue Mathematics Tuition?

It is undeniable that mathematics is one of the most commonly taken, and most important subjects out there. Additional mathematics paves a direct path to H2 mathematics at the Junior College Level, and H2 mathematics is a prerequisite for most science-based courses in university.

Hence, it is of utmost importance that we have a strong foundation and good education in Secondary school mathematics, as it will make the transition from Secondary to Junior College mathematics smoother. We would recommend students to pursue tuition for mathematics.

Let XMEducation help you with Mathematics!

At XMEducation, we use a personalized learning system, and a mastery-based approach to make all the abstract concepts become crystal clear. Our teachers updated with the latest MOE syllabus, and are trained to make all concepts easy for students to understand.

We begin mathematics education by first establishing the level of understanding of the student. Notes that break down relevant concepts to bite-size pieces are also provided, and teachers will guide students on the understanding and application of the concepts in a relevant and engaging manner.

The lessons are supplemented with practice questions and worksheets that reflect the latest examination trends. The practice questions are also graded in difficulty, to guide students to go from understanding the concept, to complete mastery of the topic

About our tutor:

Mr Ang is an experienced tutor with 5 years of experience teaching Primary and Secondary Mathematics (O-level and IP stream). He graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor’s in Mathematical Science with Second Upper Honours.

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