J1 Celestial Mechanics Workshop

Award-Winning Ex-MOE & Highly Acclaimed Physics Coach Who's Helped All 3 of Ex-Minister Of Parliament's  Children Excel In Their Major Exams, Reveals His "Grade Jump" System That Allows Failing Students To Master Foundations & Catch Up To 'A's!

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Dear J1 Students:

Good day! I'm Bryan Lai, Founder of The Physics Academy.  

Most students and parents know me as the Award-Winning EX-MOE Physics Veteran Tutor who specialises in transforming “U/S/E/D” graders into Top Scorers ("A/B" grades) in just 6 months or less.

Over the last 12 years, my team and I have personally coached more than 1280 JC students to attain dramatic improvements even though most of them were previously unmotivated & negative towards studies.

We specializes in teaching students to tackle the Big 5 Topics (Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Waves etc) & has authored over 20 JC Physics Books that helps his students to accelerate learning & reduce revision time by more than 50%.

What you will learn in this 3 hours Intensive Workshop

Taught Ex-Minister Inderjit Singh’s 3 Children - & All Scored 'A'!)

3- Step Foundational Scaffolding Technique ('U' To 'A' Method)

Physics Bible With Shortcuts To Answer Structured Questions With Poise & Precision

Learn All 2 Topics In Just 3 Hours

Fastest Way To Master One of The Big 5 Physics Themes (Celestial Mechanics)

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Venue (1): Bukit Batok MRT

Date: 11th September, Wednesday

Time: 2pm to 5pm

Blk 151, Bkt Batok, St. 11, #03-252, 

Singapore 650151

Venue (2): Kembangan MRT

Date: 13th September, Friday

Time: 2pm - 5pm

111 Jalan Kembangan

Singapore 419149

In this FREE 3-hour intensive September Physics Workshop, students can expect to master the 2 most challenging chapters in Junior College 1 Physics – Circular Motion and Gravitational Field.

Mr Lai has divided every single chapter into smaller, digestible concepts. In addition, Mr Lai has devised numerous laser-focused learning strategies, each specifically designed to help students master the different concepts

Enquiry-based Learning

Demostration-based Learning

Story-based Learning

Students can expect to receive multiple question prompts at regular junctures throughout the workshop. Through question-and-answer, we keep students consistently engaged, while ensuring that they understand every nuance of the topic

Students will be exposed to real-life demonstrations of physics concepts (e.g. throwing a tennis ball and analysing its trajectory). Demonstrations help to make abstract concepts concrete and easy to understand

By using accessible and engaging anecdotes to explain difficult concepts, we arouse students’ curiosity and activate their critical thinking skills in applying physics concepts to different scenarios

Following this, students will be exposed to our Mastery Practices - questions of increasing difficulty for each concept, ranging from easy, medium to advanced. This allows for instant concept mastery.

Turning Failing Physics Students Into Distinction Holders All Within ONLY A Couple Of Months!

Mr. Lai emphasizes the concept of each physics topic repetitively each week. He gave us an array of practices with different types of questions on the same concept, and thus, we are also tested on our ability to apply the concept onto different questions.

Mr Lai is a very patient tutor who encourages and supports every single student by providing help even it is after tuition time. His notes and worksheets are very detailed, hence students can focus on absorbing knowledge during lesson time instead of copying down notes.

From a student whose results improved drastically from a U grade to A grade in A Levels, it would have been unachieveable without Mr. Lai.

'U To A In 6 Months'

"Notes & Worksheets Are Very Detailed, Students Can Focus To Absorb Knowledge During Lesson!"

Kai Xuan, NJC

'Hated Physics Before Joining Mr Lai's Classes, But Jumped From U To A In 3 Months In JC1' 

"Constantly WhatsApp Him Questions & He Always Answered Quickly & Readily!"

Mr Lai is a dedicated and passionate teacher who has not only guided me to an A in just 3 months in J1 from a U, but has also allowed me to discover my passion for physics, which was the very subject I hated before joining his classes.

He has a large resource library that allowed us to have endless practices to hone our skills and his self recorded video lessons helped immensely in both catching up on missed chapters and refreshing our memory closer to the exams.

Although I constantly whatsapped him questions I wasn’t sure about or concepts I needed help with, he always answered quickly and readily. With the help of his patience, I managed to attain an A for my A’Levels. Thank you Mr Lai, am so lucky to have discovered SPA amongst the many centers in SG!

Melody, CJC

I am a student from JJC, Mr Lai's lesson has really helped me in improving my physics grade and understanding of the subject. The lessons and resources are well organised and easy to understand. With Mr Lai's guidance I have achieved my goal of "A" for physics in the A Level Examinations!

Andre, JJC

Mr Lai provided comprehensive JC physics tuition and covered many complex concepts with ease. He gives his students a chance to try and apply the concepts that are taught on the spot, which helped me to understand these concepts at a deeper level. With his help, I obtained an A for physics.

Zhihan, NJC

Mr Lai manages to not only teach the concepts well and effectively such that everyone understands, he also manages to make learning fun and genuinely interesting. He is encouraging and does not give up on his students despite their results. I was from VJ and failed repeatedly throughout my 2 years of JC, but he was always encouraging me to strive to better and with his help, managed to go from an S in the start of J1 to an A for A Levels.

Aaron Chan, VJC

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Bukit Batok

151, Bukit Batok St 11, #03-252, S650151.


111, Jalan Kembangan, 

Singapore 419149.

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