What is Mathematics?

Broadly speaking, mathematics is a field that involves studying quantities, numbers, structures and changes. Knowledge of mathematics is part and parcel of our daily lives, from simple mathematics such as calculating how much do our weekly groceries cost, to complex mathematics in estimating the speed of blood flowing in our blood vessels. At XMEducation, we provide mathematics lessons for all levels, not only aimed at equipping our students with the knowledge at their respective education levels, but also to empower them to attain mastery of mathematics.

What does XMEducation have in store for Mathematics at each level?


At the Primary School level, XMEducation aims to build a strong foundation in mathematical fundamentals (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and to apply these fundamentals into problem solving that is applicable on a day-today basis. Students will also be exposed to mathematics in their daily lives, such as calculating money.

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Mathematics develop qualities of reasoning, critical analysis, structural thinking, abstract thinking and much more. Such qualities are not only cross applicable to other subjects, but also aid in development of metacognition, and carry over to other aspects of their lives.

As such, it is essential that every child has a good math education to instill and develop these qualities. XMEducation is a tuition centre that prides itself on developing such qualities in all our students. We teach primary school students using heuristics and we supplement it with thought-process building. These thought-process building helps students to learn to be flexible and utilise the heuristics they learn in many different situations, helping them to think structurally and even in abstract situations.

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Primary School Math Syllabus
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Across the secondary school level, students will begin learning concepts spanning numerals, algebra, geometry, data analysis (statistics, probability) and analytics. These concepts range from beginner concepts such as simple algebraic manipulations, to more difficult concepts such as using differentiation to study a rate of change.

These concepts will also build upon and continue to develop the student’s ability to reason, communicate logic arguments and connect patterns using structural and abstract thinking.

At this stage of development, a strong education is important to help students develop thecorrect mindset towards mathematics, which in turn helps to develop the ideal qualities of reasoning and logic through mathematics. Additionally, should a student be considering the A level stream after taking O levels, the content learned through Secondary 1 to 4 forms the baseline required for H2 mathematics at the A levels. As the O level syllabus for mathematics is quite intensive, we would encourage tuition for your child to help further develop these qualities, prepare for syllabus expectations, and prepare for any future mathematics that he or she may choose to take.

How can XMEducation help your child with Secondary school mathematics?

At XMEducation, mathematics at the secondary school is taught with a concept-based, and mastery-based approach. All mathematical concepts are broken down into easy to understand bits, allowing students to obtain a crystal-clear understanding of math. Difficult questions are also made easy with our guided approaches, where students learn to dissect questions and identify relatable concepts before applying their knowledge to solving them. Lastly, this concept-based teaching is supplemented with our mastery-based approach, where students are guided to attain complete mastery at topics before proceeding to other topics.

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Secondary School Math Programme
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Junior College

Mathematics at the JC level involves preparing students to become part of a highly skilled and analytical workforce. As such, students will be taught advanced analytical and statistical mathematics, such as differentiation, integration, complex numbers, binomial theorems, probability and much more. This also serves to prepare students for any mathematics that they may handle in their university studies.

Is tuition for JC mathematics necessary?

The necessity for tuition largely depends on the capabilities of the student. Nonetheless, we would encourage students to pursue JC math tuition. The scope covered for A levels is immense, and students only have roughly 1 and a half years to learn the scope. This may prove difficult for students, and tuition may be a useful resource for students to catch up on topics they have problems with, or to further their understanding and mastery of the syllabus content.

How can XMEducation help in JC math?

Our JC math teachers are extremely updated with not only the syllabus, but also the styles of examination questions. One of our math teachers has taken the H2 A level math paper every year as a private candidate (and scoring an A each time), ensuring that our lesson content is always the most updated. Lessons are taught with an emphasis on application to real life, allowing students to not only understand the concepts, but apply them to mathematical contexts and real-life situations. Our teachers also guide students in mathematical reasoning and logic, helping them to develop qualities to let them view situations in good depth and breath, and to identify and take different approaches to situations.

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H2 Mathematics Syllabus
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