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H2 Chemistry. What will you learn?

Chemistry at the H2 Level covers a wide scope of content aimed at equipping students with the necessary chemistry knowledge needed for university education. The H2 Chemistry syllabus covers both inorganic and organic chemistry, with the exact topics in each area shown in the diagram below

Should I pursue tuition for H2 Chemistry?

In short, yes. We recommend all students to pursue tuition for H2 Chemistry when possible. Why is that so? The H2 Chemistry syllabus also drives students to exercise self-inquiry, planning experiments, developing models, understanding and reflection of scientific arguments and much more. All those skills are expected of the student during the examinations.

On top of that, the sheer amount of content in H2 Chemistry is staggering. Students are tasked to develop the skills, memorise content and understand concepts all in a short period of approximately one and a half years. To top it off, a good pass in H2 Chemistry is required for most science-based courses in university, resulting in increased pressure on students to excel.

We believe that at this stage of education, every student needs all the help they can get to help them cope with the syllabus. Tuition can help students to gain understanding, clear misconceptions, and attain mastery in the topics, helping them to secure the grade in H2 Chemistry that they much require.

Master Chemistry Tutor

Ms Alice Zhao has over 10 years of tutoring experience in both O levels and A levels, with a student profile that spans across nearly all the JCs in Singapore. Her teaching methodology lies in simplifying concepts and bringing concepts across in a light-hearted manner, providing students an enjoyable learning environment while empowering them to learn concepts quickly. Under her guidance, students have achieved their A grades in a matter of months.

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Ralph Chen, HCI

I was taught by Ms Alice from mid of Sec 3 to Sec 4 in the beginning of Sec 3, I was failing Chemistry with an E8. I had no idea how to study Chemistry, be it memorizing of content, or making calculations, and I just could not link with the subject. However, all these changed once Ms Alice came into my life. Once she started her first lesson with me, I knew she was the tutor I was looking for.

Patient, calm, understanding, caring. One could not ask for a better tutor. Personality aside, her mastery of the subject is second to none and she clears up every single doubt that I have with Alice teaching me, I am not afraid to clarify any doubts I have, and she teaches me with patience and compassion, which are the qualities a great teacher should have. My grades improved tremendously from an E8 to an A1, eventually becoming the top 3 students in chemistry in class. Ms Alice is not a tutor you can find anywhere.

She is the best Chemistry tutor I’ve had and her teaching methods suit all students from stronger to the slower students. I would definitely recommend her to all

of you if you would like to have a tremendous improvement like I have. I can assure your satisfaction.

Kieron, Temasek Sec

Ms Alice is a wonderful and caring teacher who is very passionate about teaching and helping her students to improve. I was failing my chemistry terribly, always getting F9. However, with ms Alice’s careful guidance, I was able to get an A2 in the O level examinations. I was very stressed before the o level examinations but her constant encouragement had motivated me to do my best and I managed to achieve results I had never thought I would be able to achieve. I believe that she is able to lead her students to do much better in their studies and reach their full potential.

Valent, TKGS

Dear Alice,

Thank you for teaching my daughter Valent helping her to prepare Bio for her O lvl. It was very last min which started only 2 weeks after her prelims exams and honestly I thought it won’t do much help, but to my surprised Valent got an A2 for the first time in her life, having to fail Bio (E8) and never had passed this subject before, I should say this is a miracle. You are patient, organised teacher who develops inspiring relationships with your student. Your talent of teaching simple concepts made learning experience more enjoyable.

You are absolutely awesome, it’s a pleasure having you as my daughter’s tutor and I wish u all the best in your career. 

XMEducation can help you in H2 Chemistry! How?

Let us run through what XMEducation will provide you for H2 Chemistry.

We provide you with the best teachers you can find. Our resident H2 Chemistry teacher, Ms Alice Zhao has over 10 years of tutoring experience in both O levels and A levels, with a student profile that spans across nearly all the JCs in Singapore.

We provide you with mind maps, summary lists and detailed notes breaking every concept down into bite sized chunks. This can accelerate your learning and reduce the time you spend solving the questions or trying to understand a concept. The extra time that you have, you can use it to better use on other subjects or maybe as your personal leisure time

We are always available for you. Feel free to stay back after class and approach your teacher for consultation. Consultations at XMEducation are provided FREE. If you are really busy, and cannot stay back after class, just WhatsApp us your questions, and we will attend to your queries within 24 hours. All we just hope is that this will be your time savior and help you to overcome any difficulties with chemistry.

We will provide you with the latest up to date questions for the latest syllabus. This will Ensure you are always learning the latest and essential materials to do well in major examinations.

We do the job for you. We will give you proper guides, mind maps, concise notes, summary tables with the right keywords to do well in examinations. Sign up for a FREE trial class to see how we condense up to 30 pages of notes into a single mind map.

We make studying enjoyable for you. We supplement your learning with complimentary drinks and snacks. Hunger will never distract you from studying, and we strive our best to provide a conducive environment to help you focus better when studying in our centre.

Review the syllabus, clear your misconceptions, and gain topic mastery anytime with our digitised lessons, that have been proven time and again to boost students’ understanding of Chemistry.

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