You check your phone for a message, only to realise there was none.

It was then that you realised…that your child could possibly be busier than you are, as the number of times his phone rang the whole entire day far outweighed the number of times yours did.

At this very moment, you’ll probably be wondering what your child had been busy with. Was it social media? A silly text from his friends? A notification from his game? At this point, you might have this sudden urge to lash out at your child for being so distracted, and for devoting his time to the wrong things (when he should have been studying).

Hold your horses…perhaps you have gotten it all wrong…

For all you know, your child could have been putting his electronic devices to good use. While it seemed as though your child was having a lot of fun texting his friends as he constantly typed furiously, with his eyes glued to the screen, he could have been seeking some homework help from his friends, or referring to the math solutions that his teacher sent through a PDF file.

I mean the possibilities are endless. He could be doing just anything and everything under the sun when a small device like this wields such great power in this day and age.

But before you start nagging or scolding your child for using his phone intermittently, take some time to find what he really has been using the electronic devices for. You wouldn’t want to wrong your child as this would only cause your relationship with your child to turn sour.

If your child does tell you that he has been using his phone for his homework, you’ll probably be very much at ease.

But the truth is sometimes painful…

We are inevitably intimately acquainted with the tyranny of the blue ticks – constantly being reminded of the need to have our messages answered. If you can’t resist the temptation, it is unlikely that your child would be able to. So yes, your child could be doing serious business on one hand, but ends up toggling between homework and Whatsapp or some other social media platform like Instagram and Twitter.

Technically, if your child tells you that he is “doing work on his phone”, he isn’t lying. He’s simply doing more than just his schoolwork on his phone given that he is multitasking, and shifting his attention from one activity to the next.

Of course, it would be desirable if your child could leave their phone aside for a while and complete the things on his plate before replying to his messages and checking on his games. However, if it really is necessary for your child to utilise his devices to facilitate his learning, there is also nothing wrong about that.

As a parent, you do have the authority to set limits for your child to adhere to. This would mean that your child would only be able to use his phone during certain hours of the day, and not when he is simultaneously doing his work. Nevertheless, it may hardly be reasonable to do so if your child really needs to have his phone for his work.

To solve this very dilemma that parents regarding ‘whether or not they should confiscate their child’s phone whilst they are completing their homework’, we have decided to welcome students to study at the centre if they would like to have a more conducive studying environment. At XMEducation, we will be able to provide your child with a learning device with recorded video lessons and online quizzes for your child to complete. Teachers would also be there to answer any queries that your child might have. This effectively means that your child would be able to do without a mobile phone when he studies as everything can be done with the learning device provided by us.

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