Master the English Language

In the modern world, English has become a dominant language in international settings, as well as in business and global communications. This prevalence of English makes it necessary for us to not only learn, but to master the English Language. XMEducation aims to groom your child into confident users of the English language at every stage of their education journey.

What is our take on English language education at each stage?


Across the Primary school level, students begin by learning fundamentals of the language, such as grammar and vocabulary and progress to more complex ways of expression and understanding through verbal and non-verbal communication as well as writing.

What is the importance of an excellent English education at this level?

Across all levels of education, English education at the primary level is in fact the most important. It is at this phase where students can easily pick up bad learning concepts. When these wrong ideas are ingrained in the students’ minds through their 6 years of primary school, it forms a poor foundation, from which it becomes difficult for students to learn the more demanding English syllabus in secondary school and above. Furthermore, if these bad learning concepts become habits, it may prove to be another stepping stone to a child’s improvement in English. Hence, it is of utmost
importance that students build up a good English foundation from their primary school years.

How can XMEducation provide this strong foundation in English?

Many tuition centres out there use a systematic approach, where they teach students to identify certain clues and patterns in questions. This makes the students rigid in thought processes, which is inappropriate for something as flexible as the English language. Furthermore, this only serves to help the students handle certain questions with those clues in exams, and the students may have difficulties when tasked to use English in ways where those ‘clues’ are not provided.

At XMEducation, we do away with this standardized systematic approach, and teach English with a focus on the elements of the language, and couple it with tips and tricks for examinations. Our students are taught to understand the language structure instead of just looking for clues, making them more flexible in using the language. As difficult as this seems, teachers at XMEducation are trained to deliver such concepts in easy to understand bits of information. Under us, your child will build a strong foundation in English.

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Primary School English
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At the secondary level, students will be expected to demonstrate greater proficiency in English, and they will be learning advanced grammar and vocabulary. On top of that, students will also learn new essay types such as the argumentative and expository essays, which require them to use their language proficiency to discuss and reason opinions. This large jump in the rigors and demand of standard of English is commonly faced with much difficulty.

Therefore, it is essential to have a good English education for your children, to help them to tackle this large leap in syllabus difficulty. Furthermore, a good English education is also essential to help them develop the skills required in the new argumentative essay type, as those are skills that will not only help them in the future Junior College level, but also in life.

How can XMEducation help your child?

XMEducation seeks to prepare students for the requirements of the secondary school English syllabus by:

  1. Reinforcing fundamentals
  2. Value-added content
  3. Framework for new essay types

Reinforcing fundamentals

By the time students graduate from primary school, students are expected to have sufficient knowledge of English to communicate well and clearly using simple vocabulary. The challenge here lies with every student having different capabilities, as well as different learning paces, but are expected to master the same content in the same period of time. XMEducation’s lessons has a strong focus in English fundamentals, coupled with our trademark personalised learning system will help to bridge any gap your child has, and help them to strengthen or improve fundamentals in English.

Value-added content

XMEducation provides value-added content such as enriching the students’ vocabulary and teaching them more literary terms which they can use in work, or day to day life. We also help them by providing value-added materials for the areas which they have learned, to help them build a more robust foundation.

Framework for new essay types

XMEducation provides a robust education in the framework and required content for the new essay types, as well as value-added content for essay types that students have already learned. This makes them able to write the most outstanding narratives, the most compelling argumentative and much more.

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Secondary School English Syllabus
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Junior College

English at Junior College (JC), under the subject “General Paper (GP)” is an extremely demanding subject. The focus at this level is for the students to be able to maturely discuss their opinions on global and national issues, supported with relevant knowledge. This is an extremely high demand of JC students, and quite often, JC students face difficulties with the rigors of GP.

Is GP tuition necessary?

GP is an important subject for University admissions. Firstly, the GP grade will count towards the student’s cumulative score for university admissions. Next, students with a poor GP grade can expect to be required to take additional proficiency tests in English to qualify for university, or take additional courses in academic English in university. These courses are often as difficult, if not more difficult than GP itself. Therefore, it is paramount that students do well in GP, and we would encourage you to pursue GP tuition to give yourself any possible better preparation for GP.

How can XMEducation help you in GP?

XMeducation’s GP lessons are centered around thematic exploration, where studentswill be guided to brainstorm on discussion points regarding common global and local issues. Students will also be taught skills at critical analysis and steps to formulate convincing arguments.

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General Paper Syllabus
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