Mastery-based Concept Teaching Learn concepts with a mastery-based approach. Our centre has broken down the lower  block  (P3andP4)  syllabus into 49 concepts, and the upper block (P5 andP6) syllabus into 55 concepts. These concepts are broken down  into crystal-clear, easy to understand bits, helping students to master all the concepts in a short period of time.

Application and Answering Acquire skills to analyse questions to  identify what the concepts are, and how to apply them. Students will learn to identify the main points behind every question and  how to craft precise answers. This helps them to save time and gain marks by avoiding excessively long and out-of-point answers.

Skills that we teach

How do we teach

How do we teach

Hands-on experiments

To aid in the learning of our students, we have hands on  experiments to help them visualise what they are learning. XMEducation provides students with experiences (through  kinesthetic learning) to stimulate their curiosity and build on their interest in science, which helps them to understand the world  around them better. Such learning takes place when students carry out physical activities instead of passively absorbing what is being taught in class.

About our teachers – Mr Ng Wei Kai

Mr. Ng is our PSLE specialist and a Biology expert. He has experience in a variety of major exam formats, knowing what it takes for students to do well. Mr. Ng’s approach lies in reinforcing fundamentals and building his students’ ability to cross-apply  concepts, enabling them to tackle difficult questions without resorting to excessive memory work. In his passion and commitment to  teaching, he has opened channels for his students to consult him on questions whenever necessary.

About our teachers – Mr Wilson Ong

Mr Ong is a Multi-Talented Science. He inspires, motivates and ignites the  interest of his students through hands-on experiments and Super Memory Techniques.

Using a unique teaching model that combines Story-based Teaching with  Hands-On Experimentation, Wilson brings dry topics to life, delivering key concepts across to students in a light-hearted, intriguing manner that  stimulates their thinking. He believes the best way for students to learn quickly is for them to absorb & internalise information in their own natural way.

All thanks to a strong foundation, his students have excelled from failing  grades & borderline passes to achieving an astounding ‘A’ in Primary & Secondary School Science & Math in Just 3 – 6 Months.


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