The heart and soul of XMEducation, our teachers go beyond helping students to achieve academic excellence. They are both mentor and friend, guiding students in academic needs, and inspiring them to greatness in life.

Mr. Bryan Lai

Founder and Sciences Head Coach

Mr. Lai is an ex-MOE Secondary and Junior College Lecturer, specialising in Physics and Biology. In his time with MOE, Mr. Lai has transformed the bottom classes of the cohort to become the top 3.

He founded XMEducation after discovering his own unique teaching method, which has helped countless students achieve their dream grade, some of which have jumped up to 8 grades in 6 months.

He also the author of over 20 books on Physics which have been proved to be valuable assets to students. In addition to his teaching credentials, Mr. Lai holds a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Mr. Chee Wai Lun

Co-Founder and Math Specialist

Holding a 2nd Upper Honours Degree from Nanyang Technological University, Mr. Chee is our Math and Science expert for Primary and Secondary subjects.

An extremely capable tutor, Mr. Chee has mastered the art of teaching math to students, employing different ways to ensure every student under him understands the topics.

His emphasis on mastering subject fundamentals, together with his unequalled teaching method has helped his students to learn faster, and score better in their examinations.

Dr. Aw Jun Xin

Chemistry Head Coach

With more than 8 years of professional teaching experience and proven track record, Mr. Aw knows all that is needed to help his students ace Chemistry. He has been ranked as the top 1% tutor in Nanyang Technological University from 2014 to 2017.

A former A*STAR scholar, and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) holder in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, Mr. Aw teaches his students strategies to master Chemistry concepts to help them score in exams. He is also an inspiring figure, who has given students skills not only applicable to studies, but also to life.

Mr. Baarath Ram

Physics Head Coach

Mr. Baarath Ram graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, during which he was nominated by A*STAR for the Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award. He has also earned the Advanced Certificate in Training and Development (ACTA).

He has authored two A level Physics guidebooks which have been bestsellers, and has been headhunted by many schools to teach Physics up to the H3 level.

Mr. Wilson Ong

Science Specialist

Our science expert for Primary and Secondary subjects, Mr. Wilson Ong holds a 1st Class Honours Degree from Nanyang Technological University in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry. Mr. Ong has received significant recognition in his multidisciplinary research background, having been nominated as a regional winner for the “Undergraduate Awards” programme in 2017.

Mr. Ong is experienced in the challenges of the curriculum, and he knows what is needed for the students to score well. His passion in sciences and story-based teaching approach makes even the most boring topics come alive, allowing his students to learn in a light-hearted and riveting environment. Mr. Ong has not only helped his students improve their grades, he has also stimulated their interest in the various sciences.

Mr. Ng Wei Kai

PSLE Specialist

A former research scientist at NUS, Mr. Ng is our PSLE specialist. Other than holding a 1st Class Honours Degree in Bioengineering from Nanyang Technological University, Mr. Ng has also experience in a variety of major exam formats, knowing what it takes for students to do well.

Mr. Ng’s approach lies in reinforcing fundamentals and building his students’ ability to cross-apply concepts, enabling them to tackle difficult questions without resorting to excessive memory work. In his passion and commitment to teaching, he has opened channels for his students to consult him on questions whenever necessary.

Mr. Teng Kah Seng

Math Specialist

Our specialist in Mathematics, Mr. Teng has over 10 years of experience in teaching math, amassing a unique pedagogy style where his methodologies are carefully crafted to ensure each and every of his students understand his lessons. His education philosophy is to created an environment in which learning is paced, purposeful and participative.

To enable himself to view mathematics from his students perspectives, and to keep abreast of the current syllabus, Mr. Teng has taken the GCE A level Mathematics examination every year, and has always achieved an ‘A’ grade.

Ms. Kate Seow

General Paper and English Specialist

Ms. Kate Seow is our specialist in General Paper and English. Her consistent guidance and ability to hone in on her students’ weaker points have helped her students achieve their desired grades.

Her approach to mastering General Paper and English lies in developing her students’ foundations, and a thirst for learning. Her General Paper classes are focused on thematic exploration, complemented with case studies to help her students develop their skills at critical analysis, and to formulate arguments well. Kate also builds on her students’ foundations of grammar, and helps them to amass a rich vocabulary.

Kate has 7 years of tutoring experience, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences (Communication), and she has also been a contributing writer for Yahoo Singapore and Asia361.