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For O Level Chemistry, there is less emphasis on factual  materials and greater emphasis on the understanding and application of scientific concepts and principles.

Beyond recognising chemical formulas, you will also learn how to sieve out important information and organise them in a variety of ways. You will also be tasked to identify patterns, report trends, draw inference and answer unfamiliar or unconventional questions. While you may not be comfortable  with these sort of questions, they are becoming more  common. Hence, it is essential that you learn how to use principles and concepts that are within the syllabus and apply  them in a logical, reasoned and deductive manner to a novel situation.

Establishing a good foundation for O Level Chemistry will  ensure that you will be better able to cope with the rigour of A Level Chemistry, as the skills required to tackle chemistry questions at any level are similar.

Master Chemistry Tutor

Mr Yap Wei Chong

Mr Yap Wei Chong is an ex-MOE Secondary school teacher specialising in Secondary School Science and Upper Secondary Chemistry. He uses a wide spectrum of assessments and instructional strategies to ensure students learn from his lessons and has achieved value-added results for many cohorts of students in his 5 years of teaching.

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You’re that teacher that can blend with us so well and I can’t be thankful enough for always going that extra mile to help me.

– Natasha

Hi mr yap !! Happy teachers day!! Thanks so so so much for the support these 2 years, ure a really nice teacher and i hope that i will maintain my results and do you proud and not have fallen into the trap of the bell curve.

– Ravi

Anyways, I’m really thankful that you’re our teacher especially for this year- where things are like really stressful. I apologise that my result haven’t really been quite satisfactory for prelims. I’ll try to do my best for Os end year hopefully. Anyways, hope you have blessed day ahead:)

– Lin Hui

XMEducation can help you in O Level Chemistry! How?

Let us run through what XMEducation will provide you for o level chemistry

We provide you with mind maps, summary lists and detailed notes breaking every concept down into bite sized chunks. This can accelerate your learning and reduce the time you spend solving the questions or trying to understand a concept. The extra time that you have, you can use it to better use on other subjects or maybe as your personal leisure time

We are always available for you. Feel free to stay back after class and approach your teacher for consultation. Consultations at XMEducation are provided FREE. If you are really busy, and cannot stay back after class, just WhatsApp us your questions, and we will attend to your queries within 24 hours. All we just hope is that this will be your time savior and help you to overcome any difficulties with chemistry.

We will provide you with the latest up to date questions for the latest syllabus. This will Ensure you are always learning the latest and essential materials to do well in major examinations.

We do the job for you. We will give you proper guides, mind maps, concise notes, summary tables with the right keywords to do well in examinations. Sign up for a FREE trial class to see how we condense up to 30 pages of notes into a single mind map.

We make studying enjoyable for you. We supplement your learning with complimentary drinks and snacks. Hunger will never distract you from studying, and we strive our best to provide a conducive environment to help you focus better when studying in our centre.

Review the syllabus, clear your misconceptions, and gain topic mastery anytime with our digitised lessons, that have been proven time and again to boost students’ understanding of Chemistry.

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