The need for English tuition at the Primary Level

We are able to diagnose our students’ needs, abilities and interests so as to identify their learning gaps and provide timely and useful feedback to help our them improve. Their foundation of language learning will be strengthened through cognitive and affective engagement, and interaction. We believe that having language exposure will broaden our students’ learning experiences. The acquisition, and subsequent mastery of the English language, allows for quality interaction and collaborative learning in and outside the classroom.

Equipping students with the resources to make language learning a fun and fulfilling one

A variety of print and non-print resources will be provided to our students to facilitate the teaching of listening, speaking, writing and inferencing. We scaffold and model the learning of critical listening, reading and writing skills through the use of strategies and activities such as brainstorming, concept-mapping and conferencing.There will be systematic and explicit instruction of grammar and vocabulary, which is extensively incorporated in reading and writing.

Instead of writing the same old boring topics the same way again and again…

Our students will be engaged in sustained, authentic and creative writing. Students will have lessons covering creative writing and brainstorming, to help them to develop their flair in writing and churn out essays that stand out from their peers.

The English syllabus

Essay Writing Students will learn the fundamentals to writing a good essay, covering areas such as essay structure, essay planning, and question analysis.

Linguistics and Comprehension Linguistics covers the understanding of grammar, the syntax of the English language and phonetics. Our students go through intensive linguistics lessons to help them be able to use and comprehend the English language confidently. Our centre then supplements this with a wide vocabulary covering numerous lexical areas to equip our students with words and phrases to express their ideas better. This eventually comes to play in our Comprehension lessons, where students will use their new mastery of English to analyse, interpret and infer content from the passages and question. Students will also be taught how to present their answers with precision.

Our principles for teaching ENGLISH

Application – Our lessons are planned around learning  outcomes and designed for our students to learn the language in authentic and meaningful contexts of use.

Incorporation – The lessons will integrate receptive  skills, productive skills, grammar and vocabulary.

Guided learning – Lesson will have a clear process for  students to learn the language skills and knowledge with the teacher’s guidance.

Progressive Learning – There will be constant revision of concept taught to ensure understanding at increasing levels of difficulty to ensure your child has mastered the  concept taught.

Learning focused environment – A rich environment  for communication is provided to explicitly foster listening and speaking skills. Effective pedagogies will be used to strengthen our students’ language development.

About our teacher – Mr Ng Wei Kai

Mr. Ng is our PSLE specialist. He has experience in a variety of major exam formats, knowing what it takes for students to do well. Mr. Ng’s approach lies in reinforcing fundamentals and building his students’ ability to cross-apply concepts, enabling them to tackle difficult questions without resorting to excessive memory work. In his passion and commitment to teaching, he has opened channels for his students to consult him on questions whenever necessary.


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