Founded in 2007 by ex-MOE lecturer and award winning physics tutor, Mr Bryan Lai, XMeducation is a premium tuition centre for PSLE, GCE O levels, GCE A levels and IB subjects. XMEducation consists of 3 subsidiaries: Physics Academy (PA), Chemistry Academy (CA) and Math Academy (MA).

Students experience a unique learning approach, allowing them to achieve their best in the shortest time possible.

A/B Grades Produced
A/B Grades at A Level
A/B Grades at O Level

At XMEducation, we understand every student has their own learning pace. Our proprietary ‘inverted classroom’ strategy provides our students with an enriching experience, challenging themselves to master the subject at their own pace.

Our teachers are not only education specialists, but are also experts in their own fields. They motivate and inspire students beyond just academic grades, sharing with students their experiences to help students achieve their dreams.